Paul Hearn

I am now retired form a career in scientific instruments having worked for a major Japanese company for 40 years. I am now returning to my roots in electronics and software. Radio Astronomy is a great fit for these roots.

My main interest is corelating observational data streams from different Radio Astronomical observations.

I'm also the BAA Radio Astronomy Section Director.


Richard Knott

Head and sholders of Richard Knott

I am a medical physicist by training (ionising radiations),
teacher by accident (GCSE and A Level physics), and now retired by choice.

Interested in solar astronomy (white light and hydrogen alpha),
frustrated by clouds (cumulus, stratus and cirrus), found radio astronomy (VLF - SID's).

Like to make, like to tinker, like to explore.


John Thain


I spent  28 years in Primary Education with the majority of this time as a Deputy Headteacher.  I then moved to Stansted Airport working in several departments. 

I became Flight Analysis Manager which included an invitation to Boeing 737 Aircraft Factory, Renton, Seattle, assisting in developing a solution to the aircraft power receptacle and finally moving once more to become Environment Standards Manager which included setting up the airport wide Waste and Recycling strategy with zero waste to landfill.  Now retired and focusing on Photography and Astronomy.


Andrew Thomas

My long standing interest in astronomy was re-energised when I discovered amateur radio astronomy.

 I enjoy building the instruments needed for making observations, currently VLF, magnetrometry and occasionally meteors.


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