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£ 30.00
Generates a steady 10GHz for testing
Not available
£ 100.00
50MHz antenna suitable for meteor detection using the BRAMS transmitter in Belgium and the planned UK transmitter.
Not available
£ 16.99
For everyone interested in radio astronomy Amateur Radio Astronomy is a great source of material to expand your knowledge and also provides a practical guide to making and setting up your own equipment, through to the study signals coming from space.
£ 188.00
A fully assembled and tested detector. Enclosure not included.
£ 12.00
Three female BNC PCB mount sockets for use with the E-Field active antenna masthead amplifier and bias-t.
£ 5.50
This 1m RG58 cable with BNC Connectors connects the VLF Receiver to the Aerial Tuning Unit. NB it is included with the Aerial Tuning Unit but may be purchased separately.
£ 6.50
This product connects the ‘DC V out’ socket from the VLF Receiver to the ‘DC V in’ socket on a UKRAA Signal Generator or Magnetometer.
£ 17.00
The UKRAA Dongle Saver is a passive pad that facilitates the connection of your Software Defined Radio (SDR) Dongle and associated cable connections.
£ 18.50
E-field active antenna masthead amplifier and bias-t kit containing PCBs fitted with all SMD components.
£ 30.00
Fully assembled E-field active antenna masthead amplifier and bias-t including BNC sockets
£ 12.50
E-field active antenna masthead amplifier and bias-t kit containing PCBs and components.
£ 28.00
Extruded aluminium enclosure suitable for a single device. The endplates are machined specifically for this muon detector.
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