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E-Field Active Antenna and Bias-T with BNC Sockets

Price: £ 30.00

This kit provides the active elements of an E-Field antenna, the mast head amplifier and Bias-tee for power injection to the feeder. The user will need to connect a short whip or plate to the antenna and enclose the assembly in a weather proof housing ready for installation.

This version of the kit is fully assembled and has all the surface mounted components including BNC and power connectors.

The completed antenna is a compact alternative to traditional HF antenna designs. The amplifier has a good response from below 20kHz to over 30MHz and is ideal for monitoring both wanted signals and HF band interference. For the radio astronomer it covers the VLF band and can be used to observe Sudden Ionospheric Disturbances (SID) caused by solar flares.

It was originally designed by the late Dave Powis G4HUP and won the Construction category at the RSGB Construction Competition 2016. The usefulness of an active antenna was highlighted by John Rogers and David Lauder at the 2019 RSGB convention RFI Clinic and in their work for the EMC Committee. 

There is a very good explanation of the elementary theory and operation underling the E-Field probe at by PA3FWM and originally published in Electron magazine


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