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£ 67.00
Magnetometer Enclosure
£ 160.00
The Magnetometer is designed around the Honeywell magneto-resistive senor HMC1222.
£ 216.00
This is a fully assembled and tested muon detector installed in an enclosure.
Not available
£ 135.00
Please contact to enquire about availability. This kit contains the components required to build a working muon detector. This kit contains surface mounted devices (SMD) and is for the experienced constructor.
£ 21.50
This is a 15V regulated power supply with a 2.1mm centre positive jack plug, suitable for use with the VLF Receiver and other UKRAA products.
£ 22.99
An up to date introduction to radio astronomy projects for amateur observers . Revised 2021 to include additional projects.
£ 16.99
Radio signals are not, as is commonly thought, recent phenomena. Nature has spoken through radio signals since the origins of the Universe. Radio Nature is fascinating look at these signals, a guide to receiving and analysing them.
£ 25.00
The VLF Signal Generator provides a local signal source for tuning the VLF Receiver and the loop aerial to the frequency of military transmitter DHO38 which is located at Ramsloh in Germany.
£ 40.00
The Multi Frequency VLF Signal Generator provides a local signal source for tuning the VLF Receiver and the loop aerial to the frequency of any one of six frequencies.
£ 24.99
The third (2015) edition of this book on the history and future of radio astronomy by Gerrit Verschuur, a pioneer in the field of radio astronomy and professor of physics at the University of Memphis.
£ 32.99
We have learned a great deal about our universe not only by looking at the sky through optical telescopes but also by listening to it!
£ 348.00
Two fully assembled and tested detectors. Enclosure not included.
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