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Two Muon Detectors Kits

Price: £ 250.00

This kit contains the components required to build two working muon detector. As supplied the detector will detect β, ϒ, and cosmic muons. To eliminate the random β and ϒ two detectors are required working in coincidence mode.

The constructor will need to supply aluminium foil and insulating tape to wrap the detector. Connecting leads are not included.

The detector element is a scintillator with a silicon photomultiplier optically coupled to the BC-412 scintillator material using the supplied optical coupling grease. The scintillator is supplied polished and tapped ready for assembly.

There are three printed circuit boards: SiPM, SD card reader and mother board. An Ardunio Nano is supplied as the Analogue to Digital converter and serves to drive the OLED display, save the counts to the SD card as a CSV file and communicate with its host via USB. The detector is powered via a USB-mini connector.

Cables are not included. The detector requires a USB cable (type-A to mini-USB)for power and data and a stereo cable (3.5mm to 3.5mm hack plug) for coincident operation.

There is extensive documentation; scientific and construction detail available as a download and a series of YouTube videos explaining the construction process in detail. These are available via the Cosmic Watch website

This kit is best suited to experienced constructors.  There are surface mount components including integrated circuits to be soldered into position.  A fine-tipped soldering iron, a steady hand, a magnifier and SMD soldering experience will be required.

For ongoing support there is a forum - where discussion, questions and ideas can be shared.

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