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VLF Receiver Kit

Price: £ 67.00

VLF receiver kit. For experienced constructors only. The VLF Receiver output is a voltage varying with time, which may be fed to any data logger or digital multimeter.  The VLF Receiver is also compatible with the popular Radio Sky-Pipe data logging software, but extra components will be required.

The VLF Receiver has a tuning range of about 12 kHz to 35 kHz, requires a supply of 15 Volts DC at 35mA, and provides output signals at 0 – 2.5 Volts and 0 – 5 Volts. It is designed to work with the UKRAA VLF loop Aerial and the UKRAA VLF Aerial Tuning Unit. You may also find the UKRAA VLF Signal Generator useful during tuning of the system.

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